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A weird thing! Grab a friend and play a quirky platform fighter with them on the very same keyboard! Quick and easy!

P1 uses WASD, SPACE, and LSHIFT (SPACE is also to select your character).

P2 uses IJKL, LCNTRL, and RSHIFT (LCNTRL is also to select your character).

Give it a go! Each character's got some interesting abilities, and it's mostly a poorly balanced little "what if". 

Thanks to the team:

Brandon Green on Design, Coordination, and a voice of reason

Sushanth Kashyap on Design, Early Prototyping, and overall enthusiast

Michelle Lugo on Fight theme

Shanika Freeman on Main Menu theme and  Sound Effects

Myself on Design, Art and Code


Welp. It was fun to work with a team, at least! Due to a need to switch engines and coding responsibilities within the last 24 hours, the whole game was programmed within 7 hours!


Weekly Jam 172 0.9.zip 18 MB

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